Film Dubbing Workshop

There are a lot of things involved in dubbing a local language into a film. 

If you have more than one language team interested in having one of the films we offer dubbed into their language, you might want to consider hosting a film dubbing workshop.

We have a 30 page manual in English you need to read through and follow.  ​​​​​​This manual is designed to help language teams think through and understand the process of dubbing a vernacular language onto a Scripture shell video.  This will be accomplished by walking the reader through each step of the process. 

The manual has been written and edited by people who spend most of their time dubbing vernacular languages onto these videos.

A typical film dubbing workshop is 3 to 5 days.  These are the topics we cover:

  • Introductions and details of film
  • Language team role
  • Watching and evaluating films
  • Film discussion and observations
  • Committee of JESUS film project
  • Place of recording
  • How to prepare a script
  • Selecting speakers
  • Reading vs Prompting
  • Daily schedule
  • Distribution of product


Audacity Recording Workshop


Do you want your language teams to record scripture, traditional music or put together a radio program on their own?  We can customize a workshop that works for you. 

Typically a workshop is three weeks long, preferably with 15 or less people using Audacity (freeware). 

Please contact us at if you are interested.

These are the topics we typically cover during a recording workshop.

  • Introduction
  • Choosing your equipment
  • Microphones
  • Installation
  • Recording and saving your project
  • Listening to your project
  • Editing multiple tracks
  • Editing your track
  • Changing the volume
  • Adding music to your track
  • Inserting silence into a track
  • Splitting and rejoining a track
  • Outside noises
  • Sound effects
  • Recording scripture
  • Studios
  • Recording in a studio
  • Distribution